Monument 3

Monument 3: Charles and John Morgan Double Memorial

The appearance of this memorial was for a great many years badly affected by the unsympathetic application of grey paint which was removed during the 2020/21 conservation project.

The upper section of the monument depicts a sarcophagus with blind tracery surrounds two quite plain white lettered panels. supported on classical arches. This section is surmounted by a draped funerary urn with a seated weeping cherub. Below are two gilded and painted shields displaying family arms.

The bottom section incorporates a sandstone fireplace surround and central panel with the Latin inscription VIRTUS VINCIT – Power will prevail.
In stark contrast with the monumental double marble structure that dwarfs the chapel, this memorial is rather modest.

This memorial is in the Gothic-style and is for Charles Morgan (d.1787) and John Morgan (d.1792), It is made from Coade stone (an artificial material invented by Eleanor Coade in the 1760s) which is much less expensive than marble. The fireplace surround and central panel are believed to be contemporaneous with the section above and was chosen to match the beige colour of Coade. Neither the surround nor back panel was new and are believed to have been salvaged from another building, maybe Tredegar or Rhiwperra. Perhaps the use of the Coade material and second -hand parts reflect the declining Morgan fortunes at the end of the 18th century following decades of poor management, and large legal bills caused by the prolonged family infighting over Sir William Morgan’s will.

Touchingly, this low-key monument probably reflects the brothers’ modest personalities as much as the tightening of Tredegar belts.

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